Do I Need a Will? | Glover and Associates
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Do I Need a Will?

Do I Need a Will?

People often ask me, “Do I need a Will?”

My answer is often that, while I believe every adult should have a Will, it is most important to the following people:

  1. Those With Young Children – upon death, a Will speaks for parents to say who they want to raise their minor children – in my opinion, much more important than who gets the stuff.
  2. Those in a Commonlaw Relationship – survivor rights for married vs. non-married are different. It is important to ensure a commonlaw spouse is addressed in the Will.
  3. Those Who are Single/Divorced/Widowed – since there is no spouse to naturally receive (or act as Trustee) one needs to be named in the Will or the court will decide.

It goes much deeper than this but I hope this provided some information for discussion in households that do not currently have Wills.

If you would like to speak to us about your own situation, feel free to have a look at the Checklist here.