As with many things in law, the answer is, “It depends.”...

People often ask me, “Do I need a Will?” My answer is of...

Meet Our Team at Gloverlaw: Rahela Ali, our Client Services Representative. As a valuable part-time employee since 2015, Rahela performs various administrative duties including answering phone calls and scheduling appointments.

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Meet Our Team at Gloverlaw:
Elisha Lazaros is our Family and Wills & Estates Law Clerk. She completed her Law Clerk Diploma at Centennial College and went on to complete her undergraduate degree at the University of Ottawa.

Legal Laugh: In Connecticut, a pickle is not a pickle unless it bounces.

Meet Our Team at Gloverlaw: Sharon Thompson. Sharon, a graduate of Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology, Legal Assistant program, has over 25 years’ experience in the legal industry as a Senior Real Estate Law Clerk. Read more:

Legal Laugh: In Montana, “proxy weddings” are allowed for military, where a friend can stand in for the groom or bride and the union will still be valid.

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